Adjunct Faculty United Rehire Rights Survey - Fall 2019
Our goal is to hear from you, our fellow adjuncts at NOCCCD, and to learn how Rehire Rights and "preferred consideration" affects you. This issue affects every part-time faculty person in the district. Despite the critical important of Rehire Rights for our membership, the district has continued to drag its feet in negotiation and implementing a Rehire Rights article in our contract. It is crucial that we have your input as we move into new contract negotiations in the 2019-2020 academic year.

This survey asks for your non-work email because your district email is not considered private. Some communications from your union can only be sent to non-work emails. While we are collecting this information, we will not share individual answers in order to protect your privacy.

What is your non-work email? *
What is your non-work phone number? *
Which campus do you teach at? *
How long have you worked at NOCCCD? *
Which of the following factors contribute to your continued employment at NOCCCD? *
No Influence
Little Influence
Moderate Influence
Heavy Influence
Consistent class size
Consistent class assignment
Availability of classes
Relationships with students
Relationships with office staff
Relationships with full-time faculty
Relationships with administrators
Define what "rehire rights" mean to you. *
Have you, or do you know someone who has been negatively impacted by rehire rights or a lack thereof? *
If Yes, please describe the situation:
Are you a current member of Adjunct Faculty United (AdFac)? *
What are you willing to do to win a quality Rehire Rights article? *
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