Short term EVS in Poland VITAVA (kids), 02/07-01/08/19
This is application form for ONLY Ukrainian candidates for short term EVS-project in organization VITAVA (work with kids) Gdynia, Poland. You can find more about project here: ‎. If you are interested in participation in this project, please fill the application. Do it only in English (even if your level is far from perfect try to do your best). If you still have some questions - ask us:
Name and Surname (like in foreign passport) *
Date of birth *
Citizenship *
Address (where do you actually live, not registered) *
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Please describe your level of languages (English - obligatory, Polish, Russian, others - optional) *
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Number of your biometric foreign passport *
Shortly describe your educational background (formal and non-formal) *
Please describe your motivation to take part in this project? (min 150 words) *
Please describe your experience in organizing activities for kids and teenagers aged from 6 till 14 years old. *
If you have any previous experience in volunteering, please describe it. Or if you a part of some NGO or initiative group - tell us more about your experience there *
Please suggest one (or few) activity for kids 6-14 y.o. for 3 hours *
How do you plan to use experience, knowledge, skills gained during project? Try to be specific. *
I'm ready to be accommodated in hostel for almost one month (6 ppl in one room) *
I have student card *
My parents know that I apply for this position. And they agree with my choice. *
Special needs: disabilities, specific nutration (vegetarian, vegan, raw food), allergies. *
If you want to share any additional information about yourself with us - feel free and do it :)
I hereby confirm that all information in this application form is true. *
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Thanks for sharing all information with us! If you put your e-mail in a correct way we'll contact you after 10/05/2019! After means 11, 12, 13... or 20th even :)
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