So You Think You Can Eurovision
AGM After Party Event - 3rd August 2019 7pm.
> Open to OGAE Australia Members only
> Create a performance of any Eurovision Song Contest entry from the main competition only.
> You may parody a performance, but the audio track must be from the original form - no changing words (small modifications or extensions of music will be considered).
> You may perform solo, or in a group, with no more than 6 people on stage. Only one entry per member as a main performer, but you may appear in multiple performances as an extra (eg. backing dancer, backing vocalist, Russian oven, etc).
> You must have a great time!
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OGAE Australia will provide you with the audio and visual aspects of your performance. We will also aim to have a rehearsal on the day of the performance for those available (pending venue confirmation).
Upon receiving your application, an OGAE Committee member will be in contact to discuss any requirements outlined in the above.
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