WAAS Swarmcatchers Application Form
When you have completed this form, please email secretary@waas.org.au so we can process your application.
What is your full name? *
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Are you a financial member of WAAS? *
Are you an experienced beekeeper? How many years have you been keeping bees?
How many hives do you have?
What is your hive registration brand? *
Have you successfully collected at least 2 swarms?
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Are you able to undertake cutouts and more complicated hive removals?
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What areas would you like to operate in? (suburbs, council areas - check the WAAS Swarms page for examples)
What contact details would you like listed on the WAAS swarms page? (mobile? home phone?)
Are there any other details you would like on your Swarms page profile?
Please provide us with a referee/seconder who is a current WAAS member.
Is there anything else you would like to add to your application?
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