NBPC Application --- Opening Session
Welcome and thank you for your interest in the National Business Plan Competition (NBPC)! Please fill out this form carefully, we will be conducting the screening process based on your response. There will only be 6 teams entering the first round competition open round!

A learning experience for all community college students who are interested in entrepreneurship! NBPC is one of a sequence of national projects hosted by the College Leap Project Department for Community College Students in the U.S.

All Educational Workshops: https://www.collegeleap.cc/event-calendar
Also everything on our Website: https://www.collegeleap.cc/nbpc

- Cant join in their College Round for time conflicts
- Are not affiliated with any of the current joint schools listened on our website
- Those who are in a team with people from varying colleges

First-round: The College Round
*Application Deadline: Oct 10th, 11:59 pm*
If you have received an extension, we will know who you are

If you have any question about the competition or the registration form, please contact this Email: dillonmjohnson55@gmail.com & xiquncheng@berkeley.edu
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What are the names & emails of the people in your group? (put N/A if you are competing alone) *
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Describe the problem you identify and your solution. Why do you think this is a problem that needs to be solved? (200 words max) *
Describe the potential market (Market segmentation, market size, etc.  200 words max) *
What is the business model of your startup? (100 max) *
What are the goals of your company? Include both short-term and long-term if possible. (200 words max) *
Is your business affected by COVID? If so, what's your plan to deal with the pandemic? (100 words max) *
Do you have a financial projection thought out? *
What time are you available for the Open Session on October 18th? *
Please put all the times you can make. We will notify you what time you and your team will present in advanced once we see what slots there are for everyone.
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