"We the People" 2019-20 - Competitive Event Registration
Please complete this online registration form no later than October 25 to indicate your intent to participate in 2019-2020 Virginia "We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution" competitive events.

2019-2020 Virginia We the People Competition Season Calendar:

- August 31, 2019 - Official State Competition Questions Released
- August 31, 2019 - Competitive Team Registration Opens
- December 7, 2019 - Northern Virginia Regional Competition - High School and Middle School (Dumfries)
- December 13, 2019 - Central Virginia Regional Competition - High School (Ashland)
- December 17, 2019 - Central Virginia Regional Competition - Middle School (Ashland)
- January 25, 2020 - Virginia State Finals - High School (Charlottesville)
- January 26, 2020 - Virginia State Finals - Middle School (Charlottesville)

Teams must compete in all six units at a Regional in order to be eligible to advance to State Finals.
Teams with fewer than six units may participate in Regional events as showcase teams.

The Top 9 High School and Middle School teams based on Regional scores will be invited to attend the Virginia High School State Finals. The winning High School team will advance to National Finals in April.

Both club and class teams are eligible to participate at Regional and State events. Only rostered class teams are eligible to advance to National Finals.

Please contact Emily Voss at emily@vacivics.org with any questions.
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***Note that in Northern VA Middle and High School teams compete on the same day. In Central VA Middle and High School teams compete on different days.
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High Schools may bring 2 classes to a Regional event. The highest scoring of the two teams will be invited to State Finals with the second-highest scoring team invited to State Finals on a Wild Card basis.
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If you indicated "no", which units do you plan to compete?
Do you intend to hold an in-school competition prior to Regionals?
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