James Franco Google+ Hangout
Thank you for your interest in the James Franco Paper Magazine Google+ Hangout on November 15th at 1 pm EST. It is important that you fill out this short technical survey as soon as possible so that we can help make sure you are ready for the live event and ready to #MakeJamesDo face-to-face in a video chat.

Whatever you tell James to do, he'll do -- so be ready to make a command! Keep in mind this is not a Q&A session: #MakeJamesDo is all about making the actor act. Want James to dump a bottle of water over his head? Done. Do sit ups? Sure. Play with a kitten? Purrrr. Get creative.

Here are some props James will have for the Hangout. Use them to inspire your commands!

Paint and paint brushes, plus canvases
a jump rope
sock puppets
paper and markers
a kitten
a puppy
peanut butter and jelly
a bottle of water
bottles of juice
a turkey sandwich
whipped cream
a banana cream pie
breakaway bottles
an ugly Christmas sweater
a Santa hat
bunny ears
a tutu
rain boots
a winter hat and gloves
makeup, including lipstick, eyeshadow and blush
a skateboard
a typewriter
knives, nunchucks and ninja gear
helium balloons

Please be sure that the computer and network that you are using for this test are the same that you will be using for the live Hangout.

Additionally, we require that you are connected to your network via an ethernet cable (not wifi).

If you are having difficulty completing this survey, please contact us at: atodovich@pixelcorps.com

Can you be ready to join the Hangout "Green Room" 90 minutes in advance of the event, at 11:30 am EST? *
We will need you to be ready to join our video chat at most 90 minutes in advance to make sure you're set up. You may not need to be in front of the screen the whole time, we just want to make sure your connection is good and brief you on the Hangout process.
Command you would like to #MakeJamesDo: *
Ask James to perform an action (e.g., "Do pushups;" "Put on lipstick.") And remember -- nothing X-rated!
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Personal Contact Information
The information submitted in this section helps us to contact you quickly with information and updates regarding your Hangout.
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Internet and Google+ Hangout Set Up
Please follow the steps below to prepare your computer for the best possible Google+ Hangout experience.
Please confirm whether your computer will be connected to your network via a wired ethernet cable. *
What is your Google+ Profile URL? *
Please copy and paste the URL from your Google+ Profile page. Please follow this link for a video to help you find your Google+ Profile URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyeWt-B50sk
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Speed Test
Please go to www.speedtest.net and press "BEGIN TEST" to conduct a speed test on your system. When the speed test is completed press "SHARE THIS RESULT' followed by "COPY". Paste the results in the field below by pressing "ctrl+v" on a PC, or "cmd+v" on a mac.
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