Helping Hand: Disaster Relief Program
This program was created to help low-income families whose homes where affected by the recent flooding (June 18th - June 23rd 2018). Habitat for Humanity will partner with local businesses to provide adequate repairs to those in need.

Families must provide the following documents:
-Deed of home to confirm if the home is owned or rented
-verify that the household qualifies as low-income (anyone living at home, older than 16 years and working, must provided income information.)
-Pictures of damage
-License/ID of applicant

A family is considered low-income if they earn equal to or less than the following limits.
(Annual Income limits depending the amount of people living at home)

Family of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
$31,650 $36,200 $40,700 $45,200 $48,850 $52,450 $56050 $59,700

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