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Long Answer: Write about why you would like to volunteer at Ayisatu International School and which of the seven potential projects described below you are most interested in. You may write about more than one project. You are also welcome to propose a project not listed below. More often than not, volunteers are involved in multiple aspects of improving education of the students and teachers during and after school hours. You will have opportunities to meet chiefs and government officials. Your involvement with the school is the first priority, but you are welcome to propose additional projects with a broader impact, i.e., public health, town sports, environmental protection, IT consulting. 1. ● English composition program needs a revised curriculum that includes persuasive essays, research-based essays and laboratory writing in addition to its current story and creative writing format. Attention to basic reading skills is still needed, including coaching and tutoring students who lack confidence and comprehension when reading English. Library management, reading clubs, blogs and other methods for linking reading content with media such as cinema, photography, music, dance, and prayer. 2. ● Early childhood development specialist is needed to provide in-service training for teachers in the elementary school and preschool. (Possible training topics include phonics, word processing skills with graphics, and working with tactile materials like painting, colors and music.) 3. ● Math program could be improved by giving more attention to games, worksheets, real-lifeprojects and exercises. In addition, a math lab needs to be organized to supplement the current lecture format. This effort should focus on 3rd – 7th graders. 4. ● Expressive art is one of the things that we encourage at the school. More drawing, painting and even dancing, singing and drama would be priority activities. Organize a drama program to introduce students to the performing arts as well as media and film. Students are interested in acting and skit re-enactment but there is little formal direction in this respect. 5. ● Hands-on science projects to provide the children with first-hand experience in the beauty of finding facts, the art of experimentation and delivering presentations of findings. 6. ● Computer curriculum needs integration with classroom learning. Online materials (Khan Academy), CDs and downloaded material (Bill Nye, Mathbusters) for math, science, English, and other subjects are being used but not yet integrated effectively to the school curriculum. Fresh ideas on how to integrate computers and smart phones with basic school learning are needed. Assisting with video editing would be appreciated. Training for Microsoft Office applications is needed for students and teachers (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) as well as improved instruction in keyboarding. 7. ● Reinforce the counseling approach to pupils by improving teacher-student relationships. Some ways this could be achieved are through extra-curricular clubs, such as football, scripture and drama clubs, that act as a platform for counseling and training in mental toughness, nutrition, sexual reproductive health and career guidance. *
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