ARC Review Team for S.M. West
Welcome to my Review Team! I'm excited and grateful that you're interested!

By signing up, you'll have the chance to read my books before release. This does not mean that you have to read every book, it only means you're given the opportunity. It's your choice for each release. I understand that not every book will appeal to you, or the timing of release may not fit into your schedule.

I only ask TWO things of you:

- Once the ARC arrives on your device, please post the image on social media when you start reading

- Please post an HONEST review on Goodreads AND Amazon (or another platform) within a week from the release date.

The following are a few more details for you:

* With each release, you'll be provided dates so that it's clear as to when reviews need to be posted

* ARCs will be sent out two weeks before release date

*Remaining on the Review Team will depend on your reviews being posted within the time frame on both Goodreads AND Amazon or similar retailer. It does NOT have to be a 5 star review, only honest.
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Upon acceptance of S.M. West's novels, I understand and agree that under no condition will I sell, trade, copy, replicate or contribute to selling, trading, copying or replicating any portion of any book EXCEPT the use of brief quotes in my reviews or in cases where S.M. West has given prior approval. *
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