Calvary Longmont MOPS Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in MOPS! If you need financial assistance, please complete this scholarship application. Our total dues this year is $81.95, $50 for Calvary Dues and $31.95 for MOPS International. All information contained on this form will be kept strictly confidential. Because of the large number of requests, we can only offer partial scholarships and require a minimum payment of $25.

Our Calvary Longmont MOPS Dues provides for MOPS Kids workers' salaries, meeting costs, craft supplies, hospitality gifts, speaker fees, leadership training, as well as volunteer appreciation gifts. We have a fundraiser each fall to help defray these expenses and keep our dues low.

The MOPS International Membership Fee gets paid directly to MOPS International and provides each mom with a Member Packet, Weekly Videos, access to Collectives as well as many other surprise benefits. MOPS International also provides training and support for local MOPS leaders, and they work to make MOPS available to more moms every year, all around the world.

Please carefully consider your finances before requesting assistance, so we can help as many women as possible.
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The total MOPS Registration fee this year is $81.95. I am able to pay. . . *
If my financial situation changes, I will inform the MOPS finance coordinator immediately so the money can be made available to meet another woman’s financial needs. *
Please fill out this form as well if you have not already. We will not be able to consider your application without the information we collect here.
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