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Thank you for your interest in The Voyage North! We hope you'll join us as we explore the world of Bicolline!
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Previous Larp Experience
We'd like to learn a little bit bout your previous larp experience.
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Note to those who have never been larping:
If you've never been larping, that's ok! Several people joined us last year and it was their first experience. We would love to have you. Please fill out the questions to the best of your ability.
Which larps have you attended in the past? *
Please list them.
What has been your overall experience with larp? *
Positive? Negative?
What don't you typically like about the larp(s) that you attend? *
What are some specific frustrations you have with larp(s) you've attended in the past? *
Is there anything that has really upset you about your larp experience? *
Have you ever had the immersive experience you've wanted when it comes to larp? *
What is your ideal experience, when it comes to larp, that you are looking for? *
How would you feel if you found that experience? *
Would you be willing to pay a premium for that type of larp experience? *
Which year would you like to be considered to join The Voyage North? *
If so, do you have enough costuming for a week-long event? *
This includes daily battles where your clothes will get sweaty/wet/dirty.
Do you have latex/plastidip weapons that are along the lines of major manufacturers to be used at the event? *
Epic Armoury, Calimacil, Atliers Nemesis, etc.
If no to the above questions, would you be interested in a payment plan for your gear for the trip? *
How comfortable are you with staying in a medieval tent with strangers for a week? *
Totally Cool
No Way. Give me my own space.
How comfortable are you with very intense larp combat? *
Combatants swing hard and it is fast paced
Let's fight.
No fighting for me.
How comfortable are you with using foam/latex/plastidip weapons? *
They are on the harder side of larp weapons.
I only use homemade boffers
Foam/Latex/Plasti is all I own.
How comfortable are you with roleplaying for an entire week? *
It's my dream.
I'm going to need a break.
How important is physical comfort to you for a trip like this? *
Be honest.
Not important.
The only thing that matters.
How important is food to you on a trip like this? *
Doesn't matter.
Gourmet Food Please!
Do you prefer to be individualistic or blend in with a group when it comes to your armor? *
I'm the Van Gogh of larp.
Make me a soldier, sir!
How comfortable are you being in a country that does not speak your primary language? *
I speak French.
I'm petrified.
How important is it that you have personal role play experience set up for you? *
I can make my own way.
I need plot sent to me.
We have a few different packages to choose from - Which would you like to talk about? *
Were you referred to The Voyage North by anyone?
Please leave their name so we may thank them!
The Voyage North Requires an Interview to Attend
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This is the most important step! | ------------------------> <--------------------------------- Sign up for your slot to interview now before time runs out. Most people do not fill out their time slot and miss out on optimal times. As our trip is quickly filling up for the year you do not want to miss out!
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