The form for the PARISH GROUPS, SODALITIES, YOUTH GROUPS, SCC, those who DO NOT belong to sodalities and individuals. Discuss question in the group, and then write the ASNSWER/S BELOW THE QUESTION.
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Opening prayer and the Word of God reflection Acts 2: 1-11, 14-19
Come Holy Spirit,
as we move into our reflection session.
Be with us as a discerning guide to speak what is in our heart, our experience of Church, our joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. May we listen carefully to each other so that we may discern how you, Holy Spirit, are calling us be church at this time in our history. We ask this through Christ, our Lord.
All Amen.
IF YOU HAVE TOGETHER DIFFERENT COMPONENTS OF THE PARISH, may the same component sit together (like Sodality, liturgical ministry - Bashumayeli, catechetical ministry, YOUTH, CHILDREN, NOT BELONGING, PPC/PFC. SCC...)  to respond from their point of view and ministry.                                            
 Each table/group should have:                                                                                                                                                                      * The TABLE FACILITAOR ensures that all participants have the opportunity to
dialogue about the questions, taking care to focus on the dynamics of group sharing and listening.
The table SECRETARY records key points of the conversations/ANSWERS and all discern what are the key themes to present to the Diocese.
• Feedback
The groups RECORD THE ANSWERS at the end of the session into this form, as follows:
CORE QUESTION ONE:                                                           How is this “journeying together” happening today in your parish community,  school, youth and children’s groups, Sodalities or Associations, Catechetical teaching, Liturgical Ministry, CARITAS & health care outreach, PPC & PFC, Religious Congregations, or other area of Church life that you might participate in?
Share a few examples of ways that you have experienced this “walking together” in your parish, your Sodality. groups. ministry.  What is challenging about participating fully in your parish?                             1/ How are authority or governance, teamwork and co-responsibility put into practice in your local parish or sodality?
How do you as a parish/Sodality use the methods of listening and speaking (consultation) to make decisions about pastoral and financial needs?
In what ways do you as a parish invite all baptized Catholics.  All the baptized include ethnic and cultural communities, youth, families, persons with disabilities and their families, those living in poverty or social exclusion, and more into the active life of the parish, especially Sunday Mass?
What prevents us from “walking together?”  What hinders you from being a part of the parish/sodality and/or speaking up courageously, candidly, and responsibly?
Pope Francis encourages us to reach out beyond our active parish community and observe who is in our local area.  It is essential to look at who “used to be at our parish/sodality”, and who is not here now, and those who might feel left out or on the margins.
Do we as a parish/sodality, reach out collectively or individually to those who are no longer participating in church?  What helps or hinders us?
• What are some ways to find out why they are not participating?
What do we have to offer and attract those who are not participating?
As a result of our discussion, what are three steps we can take in our parish to grow in“walking together”? Give propositions below.
Where in these shared experiences do you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit calling us to move forward?
Core Question TWO

How are we “walking together” as a Church, and what steps does the Holy
Spirit invite us to take in order to grow in our journeying together?
By our deep listening today, what actions do you hear the Holy Spirit asking our PARISH/SODALITY... and the UNIVERSAL CHURCH to take?
What practical steps are needed to include people in the areas of leadership, governance, and inclusion in the universal Church?
How can the Diocese of Umzimkulu support you in your local parish?
What are three steps we can take in our Diocese to grow more collaboratively for the future?
Come Holy Spirit,
we ask you, that by your inspiration,
all of our prayers and actions always begin from you
and inspire others to know you more deeply.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

All Amen
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