Lait de la Vie Order Changes
If you are interested in making changes to your order for Lait de la Vie, please fill out this form. This is for orders that have not been marked as processing. Changes are done at our earliest convenience and an email will be sent to verify that the change has been documented when it is completed.

Changes include: add ons, (shimmer, pigment, birthstones etc), ring size, exchanges, etc.

Changes must be completed by the person who made the order. If any of the information does not match the current information on the order, the change will not be documented to the order.

LEFTOVER MILK: Please fill this out only if you are changing your order from new milk to leftover milk or leftover milk to new milk. DO NOT FILL THIS FORM OUT TO REQUEST YOUR LEFTOVER MILK BE HELD. Please fill out a different form: if you would like your previous order's milk held.

ADDRESS CHANGE: Do not fill this current form out for Address Changes anymore, please fill out this form:

Cancellations follow our terms and conditions. There is a 20% fee for all canceled orders, the time you contact does not matter. This is non-negotiable. If the order is over 90 days, you will receive the refund on a gift card. This is also non-negotiable. Please contact the business page for more information or if you fill this out for a cancellation.

We have starting putting deadlines for change orders to be accepted for holidays orders. This means if your change order is received after that date, it will not be documented to your order. Please follow in the VIP group for the dates and information. Currently, approval is needed for any changes. Thank you
Order name/Facebook name *
Opened Order Number
Email Address *
What is current Zip Code on the order *
Changes To Be Made *
Please describe in detail what you need changed in regards to your order. Changes will be made weekly before a new batch of orders begins processing. IF YOU ARE CHANGING YOUR ADDRESS,
Refunds, Exchanges, and Order Changeds Terms and Conditions *
If you wish to make changes to your order, please fill out this form.. If your order change requires an invoice, it will include a 5% fee in addition to your invoice total. All coupons used on the original order will be reflected in the order change invoice minus the 5% charge. (Example 1: If you are adding an $8 pigment you will be charged $8.40. Example 2: If you are adding an $8 pigment at 15% off, your total will be the 10% off price of $7.20) If your order change requires a refund, refunds greater than $5 must be issued on a gift card. Changes can only be made prior to processing. If you forget to utilize a coupon code at checkout, we may honor the coupon only if contacted within 24 hours with a 5% fee. (Example: 10% will be refunded when using a 15% off coupon code.) Orders can be cancelled within 90 days unless the order has begun processing. To view the public queue to see if your order is processing please see Orders that exceed 90 days without sending in breast milk and/or inclusions do not qualify for cancellations or refunds. You may contact us to change the inclusion by filling out this form. (Example: you are unable to send milk and it is past 90 days from your order date, you may change the inclusion to flower petals or a lock of hair).There will be a 20% refund fee on all full refunds and canceled orders. Because supplies are purchased as I receive orders, If I am contacted outside of the 3 day window, a refund may be slightly delayed as I will try to find someone (via our Facebook group to take over your order. Order changes are processed at our earliest convenience. We reserve the right to cancel/refund an order at any time. Canceled orders may be issued with intolerable behavior from the customer. Intolerable behavior includes but is not limited to; disrespectful communication, cursing, belittling, threatening, and harassing. These terms are subject to change at any time. Please see all Terms and Conditions here:
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