Iowa Dance Festival Application
Event Timing: October 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2020
Event Address: Virtual; TBA Drive-in location
Contact us at:
Application Deadline: September 12th
*Collaboration Deadline is August 12th (this earlier deadline is to give you time to work with other artists, if you apply after August 12th you will still be considered for acceptance but you will not be able to collaborate)

Your application includes this questionnaire, a work sample, and a resume that you must email to us. Until we receive all three, the application will not be complete.

The work sample you send can be anything that you feel best represents you as an artist. Some examples are: performance reel, choreography reel, studio reel, link to a website with samples of your work on it, a full piece you have performed or created.

You may email us a link to your work sample or share it via Google drive. When you send the work sample to us, please include a brief description of what it is and what you may want the curators to know about your work.

You may submit to only one event, two events, or all three.

Please note, performance limit for all three events is 5 minutes.

*If you are applying to On the Stage: Virtual Performance, you may submit an existing final project instead of a work sample. If you have a final project to submit, make sure that the project is under 5 minutes, and that the project was created within the past year. If you submit a final project, you will not be able to collaborate with other artists. If you are creating a new recorded performance for this event, please consider collaborating with an artist of a different discipline.

If you are applying to On the Street: Drive-in Performance, we do encourage you to collaborate in some way. If you are not comfortable doing so due to COVID-19, please indicate on this form.

If you are applying to On the Screen: ScreenDance portion of the Iowa Dance Festival, we ask you to go to to apply.

We will not be able to accept everybody who applies. Our curatorial team will be reviewing applications as we receive them. Acceptances will be announced August 22nd for collaborations and September 15th for non-collaborating projects.
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Would you like to collaborate with an artist of another discipline? We encourage collaboration between our artists, however we understand that this may be difficult to do during this time. Please be willing to collaborate carefully over Zoom or in ways that allow for social distancing. *
If you are applying to On the Stage: Virtual Performance, will you be emailing us a work sample or a final project? *See above for more information *
If you are applying to On the Street: Drive-In/Outdoor Performance, please keep in mind that you will be performing outdoors in October. Costume and create appropriately to accommodate for possible cold weather, concrete flooring, and social distance of performers. *
Thank you for applying to the Iowa Dance Festival 2020! Please leave any questions or comments here.
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