D.A.T.A.S.T.R.E.A.M. 01-Finding cracks in the armor
D.A.T.A.S.T.R.E.A.M. stands for Diagnostic Amiibo Tournament Analyzing Strategy Through Experimentation And Matches.

The focus of any DATASTREAM is to experiment with Amiibos to find tips, tricks, training methods, and strategies to better understand, hypothesize about, and evolve the Amiibo metagame. Each tournament will have a specific focus but your Amiibo will not be required to fit the theme. All matches will be broadcast live on twitch.tv/splicestream

The theme of DATASTREAM #01 is "Finding cracks in the armor." Early study of the Spirits Amiibo metagame has proven that Slow Super Armor and Super Armor are quite strong. We need to test which

-Due date for Amiibos .bin file submission is Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 7:30pm Mountain time
-Tournament occurs Saturday, January 19th starting at 10am Mountain time
-Format is Two-stage Round Robin where the top 1-or-2 in each group will advance to a best-2-out-3, single elimination tournament
-2 Amiibo per person, only one is allowed to have Super Armor or Slow Super Armor. It is, in fact, encouraged that you submit one Amiibo that you have trained to take on something with Super Armor and one with Super Armor. Remember, this is for science!
-Amiibo names must be family friendly as that's how I brand my stream
-Items are off
-Final Smash is off
-Olimar is banned
-Please label your .bin files with the following format: [TrainerName-Character-AmiiboPersonality-AmiiboName].bin
-2 stock, 5 minute timer
-Stages are random Omega or Battlefield versions of all stages
-All Amiibo must have Spirits equipped. Remember, only one Amiibo is allowed Super Armor or Slow Super Armor.
-Turn Learning OFF on all Amiibos so that we can better control variables
-Be a good sport. If I find competitors harassing another competitor (in or out of the stream chat) I reserve the right to suspend teams as I long as I deem necessary. Let's just be adults here, people.
-The groups and bracket will be posted on Challonge.com once I know the final number of participants

Every question must be filled out in order to submit your Amiibos. The deadline to get your submission in is Thursday, January 17th
What is your best contact email? (I will share this with no one) *
What is your gamer name? *
What is the Character, Personality, and Name of your non-Super Armor Amiibo? Though not required, it is recommended that you have trained this Amiibo to fight specifically against Amiibos with Super Armor or Slow Super Armor. *
What is the Character, Personality, and Name of your Super Armor/Slow Super Armor Amiibo? Also do remember that this is for science so don't feel like you must send only heavier characters with Super Armor. Feel free to experiment *
Submit your 2 .bin files here. Remember, use the naming convention of [Trainer-Character-AmiiboPersonality-AmiiboName].bin for both files. This helps me keep Amiibos sorted more easily. Also, please be sure Learning is turned OFF before submitting. *
Thanks for filling that all out! It's always important for us to be continually testing our assumptions, rethinking our theories, and then testing those. The DATASTREAM will be broadcast on twitch.tv/splicestream starting at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern on Saturday, January 19th! I hope to see you all there so we can have fun and make observations together.
Stay fit. Keep sharp. Make good decisions. Splice out.
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