Champion Circle Accountability
Please fill this accountability check-in survey weekly. Completing daily tasks and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) will award you 1 point. For achieving your goal/declaration from the CC Meeting, you will be awarded 2 points. Leaderboard will remain undisclosed until quarterly reports.
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What is your goal AND/OR declaration made at the Champion Circle Chapter meeting?
Did you take immediate action towards achieving your goal? (0 for no, 2 for yes)
No, I did NOT take immediate action towards my goal
Yes! I took immediate action towards my goal.
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An Accountability Partner is someone whom you trust to help and motivate you to take immediate action and to achieve your goal. Who did you choose as an Accountability Partner that you will personally follow up with this week?
Did you contact your accountability partner in order to achieve this goal?  (0 for no, 2 for yes)
No, I did NOT contact my accountability partner
Yes! I connected with my accountability partner
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Did you text the community facebook group OR post your achievements in the Champion Circle Network Facebook Group?  (0 for no, 2 for yes)
No, I did NOT post inside the group or facebook page
Yes! I post my recent accomplishment
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Did you make progress in achieving the goal AND/OR declaration you made at the last Champion Circle meeting?  (0 for no, 2 for yes)
No, I did NOT make progress in achieving my goal
Yes! I made progress in achieving my goal
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Did you attend Champion Circle Chapter Meeting and 1) Report your success at the beginning of the mastermind and 2) make a declaration in your group? (0 for no, 2 for yes)
No, I did NOT share in the CC meeting mastermind & No I did not make a clear declaration
Yes! I attended Champion Circle, reported, and declared
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