The Kiddomatic Education collection offers films and corresponding lessons. Packages are listed by grade and involve films, short learning videos, discussion guides, activities, and extra resources encouraging the interpretation of film at any level. Kiddomatic learning videos will act as a guide so teachers and parents have the support necessary for an easy and rich Kiddomatic experience.

Teachers or Home School Parents:
To receive instructions to access the Kiddomatic Education package, please include the following details so we may better support you.
Note: Kindergartener classes at Missoula Public Schools will receive this information directly from SPARK!

After signing up - you will receive emailed instructions & a link to access the content on the Kiddomatic XERB Channel for FREE. Those instructions may be shared with students, parents, and colleagues freely. Instructions can also be found on the downloadable PDF Curriculum Guides on our website.

The Kiddomatic education content is available for FREE from November 1 to November 12, 2020.

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Kiddomatic is a program of The Roxy Theater, Missoula, MT. The annual festival will be showing 40+ films virtually from November 13-30, 2020.
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