International Tourist Travel Characteristic Survey for Tourist Amusement Enterprise
Dear Sir/Madam,
This survey is organized to explore the international tourist travel characteristic and to offer the reference for
tourist amusement enterprise to make management strategy. The survey data is completely confidential. Please feel
free to reply. We sincerely hope you can share your opinions and suggestions. Your responses will provide a critical
reference for enterprise to improve and advance the service.

Organizer: Tourism Bureau, MOTC, ROC
Implementer: National Taichung University of Education

I. Consumer behavior
1. This trip is arranged by
2.This amusement is chosen by
3.I have been to_____ before we visit this amusement
Your answer
4. I will go to _____after we visit this amusement
Your answer
5. I stayed here for_____ hour(s)
Your answer
6. Do you know the price of ticket?
6-1The ticket price is
7. Total expense except the ticket is about_____USD.
Your answer
7-1Among them, accommodationexpense is about _____USD.
Your answer
7-2Food and beverage expense is about_____USD.
Your answer
7-3Shopping expense is about _____USD.
Your answer
7-4Other expense is about _____USD.
Your answer
II. satisfaction
1. Sincerity of staffs
2. Foreign language ability of staffs
3. Accuracy of layout and signs
4. Convenience of disable facilities
5. Smooth of the Wi-Fi service
6. Cleanness of restrooms
7. Cleanness of the amusement
8. Amusement affiliated hotel
9. Food and beverage service of the amusement
10. Attractiveness of the souvenirs sold in the amusement
11. Overall image
12. Best favorite facility
13. Positive image towards this amusement: (multiple selection)
14. There is still room for improvement: (multiple selection)
15. Revisit
16. Recommendation
17. Pay more
18. Other suggestions:
Your answer
III. General information
1. Gender
2. Age (years)
3. Education
4. Marital status
4-1With child
4-2_______children accompany in this trip
Your answer
7. Monthly household income is about _____USD.
Your answer
8. Accompanying number
8-1A total of_____ persons in my group.
Your answer
9. Information source (multiple selection)
10.Number of visitation to amusements in Taiwan is____ times in last three years
Your answer
11. Number of visitation to this amusement is ____time(s) in last three years
Your answer
12. Are you willing to receive message from this amusement continually?
Your answer
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