2018 Border Encuentro Survey
Thank you so much for making this year's Encuentro, "Dismantle Border Imperialism! Fight, Create, Power to the People," a huge success! At this year's convening we had over 1,000 students, survivors, community leaders, activists, and organizers from across the country and the globe united in our resolve to close the School of the Americas, to end US imperialism, and to challenge state violence.

As 2018 comes to a close, we continue to do the follow-up work necessary to build a stronger analysis of the political and social moment we are living in. We have compiled a survey in which we invite you to offer your insight so that we may continue to expand our work rooted in solidarity. With your support, we will continue to challenge ourselves to take on new perspectives and envision connecting and growing alongside social movements across borders to adequately respond to the need for justice for present and future generations.

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