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NOTE: The period for submitting "Round 1" puzzles for contention in the GDS contest is now over. You may still use this form to submit puzzles in the 'Just for Fun' category. We will announce shortly when Round 2 opens for those remaining in the competition.

Whether you are submitting a puzzle for fun/prizes or to compete to become the newest addition to our design team, we can't wait to see what you have to show us!

For instructions on how to build puzzles for this contest, including rules, complexity guides for each phase, and image editing suggetsions, please visit:

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The current round (deadline May 8, 11:59pm PT) is Round 1 - Proto-puzzles. See the rules and examples for this round here:
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1. Cast Monastery Swiftspear using M. 2. Cast Lightning Bolt using M, targeting the opponent to deal 3 damage. 2a. Trigger Monastery Swiftspear's Prowess to give it +1/+1. 3. Attack with the Swiftspear for 2 to deal a total of 5 damage. (delete this example text before inserting your solution)
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i.e. If you want to use the 'Graveyard' area to instead be your opponent's graveyard, or something like that.
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