Seattle City of Literature Community Seats Application
Beginning in 2021, the nonprofit organization Seattle City of Literature will add five at-large seats to our board of directors that are specifically held for representatives from books-, reading-, and writing-related groups, businesses, and community organizations in five geographic areas across the Seattle area: north, south, east, west, and central.

These five positions will participate fully in all board decision-making, including voting, and appointments will last one year (February 2021 to January 2022). The board meets (virtually) once a month in the evening for 90 minutes to two hours; committees meet on an as-needed basis on a similar schedule.

At the end of the year of service, if both SCoL and the individual would like to continue the relationship and the SCoL board votes in favor of appointing the individual to the board on a full basis, the individual may serve an additional two years as an elected member.

We’re creating these positions to ensure that the UNESCO Creative City in Literature designation is truly representative of, and connected to, the work happening in the community. It is crucial that the decision-making around the Seattle UNESCO designation management truly reflect the communities who earned our city that designation in the first place. We also hope that these positions will help serve as opportunities for folks to further develop their community leadership skills, which we will support with professional development opportunities and onboarding support.

Thank you for applying! If you have any questions or need any accessibility accommodations, please reach out to
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