How Do You Use IPFS GUI Tools?
In order to help prioritize future improvements to IPFS tooling and interfaces, we'd appreciate learning more about how the IPFS Desktop app and the in-browser IPFS GUI (also known as Web UI) fit into your overall workflow. This survey should take no more than 5 minutes, and will make a big difference — so thank you in advance for your time!
How do you use IPFS? (Select all that apply.) *
How often do you use the following IPFS interfaces? *
IPFS Companion browser extension
IPFS Desktop app
In-browser GUI (Web UI)
Thinking specifically about the IPFS Desktop app and the in-browser GUI (Web UI), what features do you find the most valuable? (Select all that apply.) *
Do you ever accidentally try to run multiple IPFS nodes due to confusion when switching from one interface to another (e.g. trying to launch the daemon from your terminal when you're already running Desktop)? *
Do you ever struggle with the in-browser GUI (Web UI) indicating your node is offline when it's not (e.g. you've started your node using the IPFS Desktop app, but the in-browser GUI can't "find" it)? *
If the IPFS Desktop app loaded its interface in a tab in your default browser instead of in a standalone app window — BUT kept the system menubar/tray actions as they are right now — how would that impact your workflow? *
Are there any specific changes/enhancements to either the IPFS Desktop app or the in-browser GUI (Web UI) that would make them dramatically better for your workflow? If yes, please briefly tell us what and why.
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Would you be interested in a short video call with someone on the IPFS core team to talk in greater detail about your experiences with the IPFS Desktop app and the in-browser GUI (Web UI)? *
If you'd be interested in talking further, please let us know a good contact email for you.
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Is there anything else you think we should know?
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