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Do you have a character you’ve always wanted to hold and move in any pose? CreatureCave makes customized dolls to bring your character to life! With a variety of material options custom articulation available, the only limit is your imagination!

Each creation is fully hand-made, and each creation is a unique piece of art. Character Dolls are not built or designed to be toys enduring heavy use, but to be displayed, occasionally posed, and photographed. Gentle use is urged to ensure your custom creature lasts for generations!

CreatureCave can bring to life any natural or fantasy animals/creatures. As long as you own any licenses or trademarks, CreatureCave will build it!

Ready to get started? Follow this link for pricing, customization options, and more information:

Fine Print: CreatureCave has a policy of respect, safety and inclusion. Any hateful content towards any character(s), individual(s) or group(s) (characters/items depicted as racist, sexist, homophobic, politically and religiously discriminatory) will not be accepted.

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Last updated June 29th, 2020.
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2. Your preferred contact name *
3. What is your Character's name? *
4. What are your Character's preferred pronouns? *
This helps me get to know your Character a little more- as well as address them properly when referencing them!
5. What base size/price are you interested in? *
The size of your doll is measured from the top of the head/ears to the bottom of the feet. For quadrupedal creatures, this is measured the same way (as if it were standing on its hind legs), minus the length of the tail (although if the tail is a large feature then an additional charge will be added). Heights are approximate; the size brackets are more of a general idea of the finished size. If you’re unsure of which bracket you want your doll to be in, please ask! I am also happy to announce that ALL dolls are now automatically upgraded to resin parts- digitally sculpted and printed in a durable ABS-like resin for a higher detail and quality finish.
6. What kind of armature would you like? *
The armature is the skeleton of your doll. This allows for articulation, as well as providing the overall base structure to your Character.
7. Would you like articulated ears? *
No extra charge. Please choose either YES or NO, and pick which material you'd like.
8. Would you like an articulated jaw? *
Starting at an additional £50.
9. If your Character has wings, what kind would you like? *
10. Does your Character have any extra items that you would like made?
Please explain below. This can include any clothing items, props, jewellery, etc. This will be an additional cost. Please leave blank if none required.
11. Is there anything else you'd like me to know about your Character?
I like to know the back story of the Characters I work on as it allows me to really understand them, and possibly add things to them while I make. For example, the character of the winged werewolf I made had the ability of flight, but only for a short time, so I made her wings detachable. Just little things! Leave blank if none.
12. Any other questions or comments? For me, or about your Character?
Leave blank if none.
13. Please provide links to full body references for your Character. *
The more the merrier. Please provide up-to-date references for your Character. If you can exclude any irrelevant information, this would be useful (i.e. out of date designs, props, etc). If you would like to email your images over, please send them to with the name of your character in the subject line.
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