Visitation Women's Cornerstone
Dear Sisters,

Please join us for Visitation's Inaugural Women's Cornerstone retreat on Friday, March 29th through Saturday, March 30th.

There is no mystery to the Women’s Cornerstone weekend. It’s simply a Gathering of Ordinary Women sharing their faith and life experiences.

Cornerstone is a 26-hour retreat which provides you with the opportunity to reflect, renew, and strengthen your faith while meeting other women in our Christian community. The retreat is facilitated by a team of women who are passing along the gift of Cornerstone which they have previously experienced.

This year, the retreat begins on Friday, March 29th at 6pm, and concludes on Saturday, March 30th at 8pm. All meals (including dinner on Friday) and accommodations will be provided on the Visitation Parish campus. A letter confirming your registration and providing other details will be sent to you prior to the retreat.

Ladies, this retreat is a unique opportunity to hit “pause” on our daily schedule and gather together to be encouraged, and strengthened in our faith. We know there’s a lot to coordinate – from carpooling and childcare, to giving up the bulk of your weekend. We encourage you to give your concerns for the weekend to Jesus, embrace all that He has waiting for you, and join us in the following:

1) Begin praying for the weekend.

2) Register online in advance!

3) Invite a friend and encourage ladies in your community to join you.

4) Please email if you have any questions, concerns, or barriers.

• provides an outstanding opportunity to meet and interact with other women of the parish
• is a welcoming, non-judgmental environment
• allows for the opportunity to step out of the hustle of daily life to relax, pause and reflect

Please join us. We are excited for everything that God has already planned!

In Christ,

Visitation Women's Cornerstone Core Team

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