Airbound Arts Performer Application 2020
Thank you for applying to be a part of our Second Saturday Spectacular show!

In order to respect out show, audience, fellow performers, and local community, please respect the following rules:
- your act must be approximately 5 minutes, unless you have prior approval from the producer
- 7pm shows are all ages, no nudity, adult content, nor foul language allowed. 9pm shows are for mature audiences only, all acts welcome.
- June, July, August, and September shows start at 9:00 pm, not 7:00pm
- all performers agree to arrive for call time at 5:30pm, day of show for 7pm shows (7:30 for 9pm shows)
- all performers agree to send music files to show producer 2 weeks in advance

If you have any questions about the rules or performance, we would love to talk with you!
Send an email to or

Please tell us a little more about what you would like to perform by answering the following questions:
Name *
Your real full name and/or one that you would like us to call you.
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Stage/Alternate name
if different from your real or preferred name.
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Email *
this is how we'll contact you about the show!
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Phone number *
The show producer may need to call or text you.
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Pronouns *
which one(s) do you prefer?
Where are you from?
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Second Saturday Spectacular *
Which Second Saturday Spectacular are you interested in being a part of?
Briefly describe your act. *
What is the motivation, feeling, or emotion in your act!? What'll you do!? This information helps us create the lineup.
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Host Cues: Tell us a little about yourself and your act.
We'll provide this information to our show host, who will introduce your act
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Apparatus *
Are you using one? If selecting "other" please describe in detail any rigging requests, equipment that you need or are bringing, and/or spacial concerns you may have for your act.
Safety mats *
Setup *
Describe equipment setup needs for your act. Do you need a swivel? Should the tissues be split or together? What height should the trapeze be? How can we help you set the stage
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Music queues *
What are your music queues? Should we hit PLAY before you're onstage or when you're on top of the equipment!? (say n/a if you do not have a music file for your act)
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Music *
Send in mp3, mp4, wav, YouTube URL, or SoundCloud URL to
Approximately how long is your act? *
If greater than 8 minutes, please select 'other' and explain.
Is there anything else you need to tell us?
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