Athletic Training Services Admin/Coaches Survey
Louisiana Athletic Care greatly values each and every one of our affiliations. It is our goal to integrate our services to benefit your needs to the best of our ability. We would appreciate your honest feedback so we can continue to provide the most optimal care and further strengthen the relationships already in place. Thank you for your time!
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Please describe your daily interaction with your licensed athletic trainer: *
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Your licensed athletic trainer has made themselves visible and available:
Your licensed athletic trainer is courteous and respectful
Your licensed athletic trainer arrives in an appropriate amount of time prior to game time to take care of their pregame duties.
Your licensed athletic trainer communicates effectively and in a timely manner.
Your licensed athletic trainer dresses appropriately for practice and event coverage (LAC issued shirts for practice and events; khaki or black pants; NO jeans!)
Your licensed athletic trainer adequately assess injuries and describes the plan of care going forward with coaches, parents, and student athlete:
Your licensed athletic trainer is consistent in the treatment and management of the athletes and their injuries:
You are informed of athlete's injuries in a timely manner.
You feel your licensed athletic trainer is equipped and ready to provide adequate care in a timely manner.
What is your overall impression of your licensed athletic trainer as it pertains to trust and confidence in their ability to provide athletic training services:
We highly encourage you to leave additional, constructive feedback, whether it is positive or negative, in order to continue providing the best service possible. We also encourage you to elaborate on any above answers if needed.
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