Fry Release Data: Salmon in the Classroom
Please use your form to submit information about the salmon you raised and released this year.
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How many salmon eggs died? *
Please remember that this is not a reflection of the care you took in raising your salmon! Eggs are inert or die in many classroom tanks each year. This is a natural process and happens at hatcheries and in nature as well.
How many alevin + fry died before release? *
For reporting, we don't differentiate between alevin and fry, so you can add the 2 together. Again, this is not a reflection of the care you took in raising your salmon. It is natural for some alevin/fry to died.
Date of fry release *
Location of fry release *
Please describe the location of fry release in as much detail as you can. If you were in a park, just list the name of the park.
ATU Value on Release Day
This is not required, but if you have the data handy, please record it here.
Do you plan on raising salmon in your classroom next year? Will you be at the same school? *
This helps me prepare the project list for next year. If you are retiring or moving schools at the end of this school year, please let me know.
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