General Community Pitch Application
We are so excited to have you apply to our Pitch Night!

To be considered to pitch, we require that you fully complete this application. This application will allow us to select qualified applicants who will be able to clearly articulate their business idea and its value to our panel of judges.

***Please note, that by applying to this Pitch Competition, you are fully committed to attending ALL necessary prep sessions that include: a virtual mentor 1-hour session, two on-demand video prep sessions, two recorded video sessions and the final Pitch Competition.***

We are judging applications on the following criteria:

1.) Does the business solve a problem or provide a needed service?
2.) Is the business model explained comprehensively and with clarity?
3.) Does the applicant clearly explain how they would launch the business and go to the market?
3a.) If the applicant's business is already active, do they have a timeline that explains actionable goals and milestones?
4.) Does the applicant clearly explain what impact outside investment or funding would have on their business?
5.) Does the applicant clearly explain why they decided to start the business, and what impact they hope to have?

We will select the top 10 to Pitch for funding and other prizes:
1st Place: $2,000
2nd Place: $1,500
3rd Place: $1,000
Audience Favorite: $500

Good luck!
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What is the product or service in one sentence? *
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Marketing: What is your marketing plan? *
Legal: Have you incorporated your business? *
Revenue Strategy: How will your business make money? *
Funding Strategy: How would you use any funds awarded to you to further grow your business? *
Have you applied to a previous Pitch Competition with us? Were you selected to Pitch in the past 6 months? *
Have you participated in other pitch competitions before this one with other organizations? *
Thank you for completing the our Pitch Night Application!
We will let you know the top 10 selected pitchers soon!
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