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This interview is to get an idea of what your challenges are in your life at this current moment. You’re currently feeling stuck and want to feel better about yourself and the direction your life is taking you. You what the mindset that you can do anything you put your mind too. You want to gain self- awareness and eliminate all excuses and face your fears head-on so that you can move forward with confidence. You want to set and stick to new priorities in your life so that you can also align your goals with who you are becoming. You want to love yourself more genuinely and the life you’re creating for yourself so you can live a full happy and fulfilling life.
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On a scale-out of 10, how satisfied are you with your life overall? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
What are your current setbacks that are hindering you from your heart’s desire? *
If you were to get a score out of 10 for how much fun, how much of it do you have in your life? *
None at all
Too much, which is awesome 😎
What are some things you desire to change in your life at this moment? *
What beliefs surrounding your mindset do you feel is causing you to be stuck? *
What is your level of confidence on a scale out of 10? *
Not so confident
Turbo confidence where I can grasp the moments of everyday life 🤩
Do you think you have the confidence you need to embrace you and move forward to thrive in life with no hesitations or self-doubt? If maybe and other (elaborate) *
On a scale of 10 how happy are you in your current career? *
It brings me so much joy 🙃
Being overwhelmed can be frustrating on a scale out of 10 how overwhelmed, busy or stressed do you feel *
Overly stressed
I’m managing it all with no stress 😎
Do you get depressed at times? What causes you to feel down? *
Do you have the courage to accomplish your goals in life? *
How hard is it for you to challenge your self to do something new? *
On the scale out of five how much do you like yourself? *
Not much, but I’m working on it
I love me some me🥰
What is your favorite thing in life at this moment? What is your least favorite thing at this moment *
What could be improved in your life at this moment? *
What day is your “NEW” Next Exciting Win look like if you had a magic wand what would your new journey look like? *
🤔 thinking about coaching, the key parts are to focus solely on goals, action, awareness and accountability. I am looking.... (check all that apply) *
If you could participate in a program that will help you create your smart goals, explore new opportunities, motivate the madness, get to know you better and help you to find momentum in your space, you will feel better about who you are becoming and can align your goals with your values so that you can intertwine with your passion for life and conquer your confidence to evolve into your purpose. How do you imagine yourself in this moment of clarity? Show me the next step! Write how you would feel😌 *
If you secretly knew the way forward from here what would it be? *
If you were coaching yourself what would you ask yourself now? *
What other options do you have that will help you get a clear picture of living your life through your D.R.E.A.M.S.? *
Ultimately do you like to be in a group setting a one on one setting w/a mentor or coach or independent yourselves setting? *
How would your life be if you change this right now? *
There are 3 pillars that I take my clients through... which one do you struggle with more? *
Thank you for participating in this interview! If you would like to learn about the confidence formula it requires you to eliminate your fears, stand in courage and become an action taker. Would you like to discuss your interview to see if I will be able to help you in any way I can? *
The truth is you must commit to yourself, connect to yourself, be considerate of what you want, have confident You will thrive in life, have courage and complete what you start. Are you ready to embrace who you’re becoming and let go so that you can move forward? *
What do you think about this interview? If there is anything you would like to add please do in the section. How can I best serve you? What would help you live with your best life with confidence? *
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