ORIGINS stands for "Our Resolve Is Giving Israel Never-ending Support." ORIGINS is a young-adult volunteer service trip to Israel sponsored by The Friends of Israel.
In order to help us ascertain whether or not God might want you to join us on this year's trip, please fill out the following application.
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ORIGINS is a volunteer service trip to Israel for Christian young-adults between and including the ages of 18-28. *
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Do you already have a passport in your possession that is valid for at least six months after our return date? *
Due to the physical challenges of this trip we are unable to accept team members who are physically or mentally disabled or handicapped.
Are you willing to work hard doing manual labor with no pay? *
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If you have any special health needs that we should be aware of, please explain what those are. Be specific, and include allergies. *
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Note: All approved applicants will be required to submit a copy of the Medical Reference Form (supplied by The Friends of Israel) and filled out by their primary care physician. Medical Reference Forms will not be accepted if completed by a walk-in clinic (e.g., CVS Minute Clinic), nurse practitioner or physician assistant. I understand if I get approved I will need to submit a copy of the Medical Reference Form. *
Declaration of Health – I have been advised that the ORIGINS trip may call at times for rigorous exertion with physical effort and staying in basic accommodations. I declare that I am in good physical condition and mental health, capable of participating in the trip, and I will obtain the confirmation of my physician for these purposes. Should it become necessary, this document shall constitute a release of my medical examination records to the appropriate medical personnel in Israel. *
Health Insurance – I understand that The Friends of Israel will purchase accident and health insurance and repatriation coverage for the duration of my ORIGINS trip. I will be given an explanation of the benefits and I will read it. I fully understand and agree that I am personally responsible for any medical bills (including doctors’ visits, hospitalization, accidents and medicine) incurred while I am on the ORIGINS trip that is not covered by the health insurance. If I determine the coverage is not sufficient for my needs, I will purchase, at my expense, additional accident and health insurance coverage. *
Spiritual Life
This trip is designed for Christian young adults. Please submit a brief testimony (but more than just a couple of sentences) of how you came to know the Lord. Your testimony should include a clear explanation of the gospel so that someone else, if reading your testimony, would know how they, too, could come to know the Lord: *
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Pastor or Ministry Leader’s name: After you send us your completed application, please ask your pastor or ministry leader to go to to fill out his recommendation of your participation in this year’s ORIGINS trip.
Have you ever been on a ministry trip before, or been actively involved in ministry? *
If yes, please explain:
As an ORIGINS team member seeking to preserve team unity, would you be willing to “Do all things without grumbling or disputing” (Phil. 2:14)? *
Do you have singing abilities sufficient to carry a tune? *
Tell us of any instruments you may play:
Please tell us of any practical or technical skills and/or experience you have (e.g., mechanical, carpentry, painting, construction, maintenance, cleaning, etc.): *
Please check the following practical skills that you are able and willing to perform: *
If you have preferences from the above list of tasks, please list them here:
Academic Information
You may wish to check with the educational institution you attend to see if they will award credit to you because of your participation in the ORIGINS trip. If so, The Friends of Israel will assist you, provided the requirements do not necessitate a change in the trip’s itinerary, or place any undue obligations upon The Friends of Israel.
Final Instructions
I am willing to submit to the rules set forth by The Friends of Israel hosts, Israeli tour hosts, and any other governing authority while on the ORIGINS trip. *
Partaking of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, illegal drugs, or abuse of prescription drugs will not be permitted on the ORIGINS trip. I agree to these restrictions. *
I agree to be with the ORIGINS team at all times and never travel on my own, unless approved by The Friends of Israel hosts. *
I understand and agree that once in Israel I cannot remain in Israel and that I must return to the United States with the ORIGINS team. *
Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability – Having been informed of the inherent risks in the ORIGINS trip, I declare that I assume all risks involved in my participation in the ORIGINS trip and waive all claims of responsibility in The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. for any losses or damages except as may be caused by its gross negligence or willful misconduct. I agree to hold The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. harmless from any and all claims which may be brought against The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc. on account of misconduct on my part. *
Dismissal – I understand that participants may be immediately dismissed from an ORIGINS trip in Israel for not being completely honest with their answers on this application, behavior unbecoming a Christian, behaviors deemed to be dangerous to persons, property, or security, or violating any part of this agreement. Dismissal from a trip will result in immediate removal from the group and the participant will become solely responsible for any and all expenses incurred thereafter, including, but not limited to lodging, transportation, and meals. All costs and fees paid to ORIGINS will be forfeited with no refund upon dismissal. *
If you have any questions, or wish to give further explanation of your answers above, you may do so here:
Thank You
Do not send money with this application. Once your application is reviewed and we receive your pastor or ministry leader's reference form, we will inform you if you have been approved to join the ORIGINS team. Final approval is contingent upon our receiving your Medical Reference Form filled out by your primary care physician. Once final approval has been granted, you will be asked to send a $350.00 deposit to The Friends of Israel to reserve your place on the ORIGINS team. This deposit will be applied to your total cost of the trip. However, once airline tickets have been acquired, if you cancel your participation in ORIGINS your deposit will be forfeited and will not be returned.

Thank you for your cooperation. God bless you as you seek His will.

Bruce Scott, Director of Program Ministries
ORIGINS, a ministry of The Friends of Israel, reserves the right to accept or not to accept any applicant as a member of an ORIGINS team. ORIGINS may also cancel an applicant’s acceptance for reasons it deems appropriate.
By clicking the SUBMIT button, I hereby certify that the statements and answers I am providing in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I understand that statements or information furnished in this application are subject to verification.
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