Odoo Accounting 9 - 10 Survey
This survey is to collect feedback from community to get a better view about Odoo Accounting's pros and cons. I will publish the result after it will be done. So I hope that you can spend some of your precious time to share your thoughts. For further discussion, contact me on tweeter https://twitter.com/hieu_bloopark or hieu@bloopark.de
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Which Odoo versions are you / your clients using? *
What Accounting features do you / your clients often use in Odoo? *
What Accounting features do you / your clients need the most from an Accounting Software? *
Is Odoo Accounting an easy-to-use app? (from 1 - very hard to 5 - very easy) *
What do you / your clients like / dislike about Odoo Accounting? *
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The hierarchy Chart of Accounts, Chart of Taxes have been removed. How do you / your clients feel about it? (from 1 - very bad to 5 - very good) *
Accounting Fiscal Year and Accounting Period were also removed. Does it have any impact on accounting data, financial reports ...? For example, comparing the result between 2 periods, or a journal entry is generated on January but it should be taken into account on February, or last month I forgot creating a journal entry and I want to do it this month ... *
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Without hierarchy Chart of Accounts, Chart of Taxes, can you / your clients easily create all kinds of accounting reports you need? For example, use the Dynamic Report feature to do that. *
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Where are you from? Does Odoo Accounting work efficiently in your country? Which Chart of Account module (l10n_xx) do you use? *
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What do you most concern about, what are the difficulties when you implement Odoo Accounting for your clients in your country? *
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Do you / your clients have to use another Accounting software alongside Odoo? If yes, can you share its name please? *
I wrote a comparison table https://t.co/dD14X0z0pE and 2 blog posts part 1 https://t.co/X4yAalRm6L part 2 https://t.co/0Tr9sXSMH1 about Accounting changes in Odoo 9 10. Did I miss something? If yes, please drop a comment on the table above, or here, or send me a message on tweeter https://twitter.com/hieu_bloopark *
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