Statement of Interest - Reimagining Public Safety Taskforce and Advisory Board
Thank you for your interest in helping us transform the public safety system in Oakland. By completing this form you are affirming your desire to play an active role in how we reimagine public safety in a way that better supports all Oaklanders. Whether you are interested in serving on the 17-member taskforce or one of the supporting advisory boards, we are grateful that you are answering the call for service at this important time in Oakland's history.

The purpose of the reimagining public safety task-force is to rapidly reimagine and reconstruct the public safety system in Oakland by developing a recommendation for Council consideration to re-allocate police funding in order to increase community safety through alternative responses. The purpose of the taskforce's four Advisory Boards is to thoroughly analyze those content to inform better decision-making by the task-force and ultimately the City Council. The time commitment for taskforce members is expected to be 10-12 hours per week while the commitment by advisory board members is expected to be 10-12 hours per month.

Please complete and submit by August 14th, 2020 after which we will send the first batch of applications to those respobsible for nomnating taskforce members. After the 14th, we will continue forwarding applications we receive to those responsible for nominations for their consideration. All nominations are due to Taskforce Co-Chairs by August 31st.

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Taskforce Co-Chairs
* Loren M. Taylor (Councilmember - District 6)
* Nikki Fortunato Bas (Councilmember - District 2)
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Taskforce Membership requires: 1)Active participation in all taskforce meetings. 2)Active participation in at least one advisory board. 3)Participation in various community engagement efforts. 4) Anticipated 10-15 hours per week reading, researching, and participating in community engagement. (By checking yes, you acknowledge the required commitment.) *
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