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Dear colleagues,  

As you may know, COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated existing health disparities in the U.S., disproportionately affecting medically underserved communities. Today, an estimated 7.1 million undocumented immigrants who are uninsured do not have access to a trusted health care provider. National anti-immigrant rhetoric and limited access to health insurance have served as deterrents from seeking care when faced with life-threatening medical emergencies and establishing long-term primary medical care.

In light of the growing need for information and guidance among the immigrant community students at Harvard Medical School partnered with community leaders in NJ to bridge this gap. Our goal is to provide accurate and timely medical information about COVID-19, provide access to screening, and appropriate triage based on symptomatology and risk stratification. Recognizing that the needs of the community reach far beyond COVID-19, the foundation of Quetzales de Salud was defined as a more general effort to improve access to medical care for uninsured immigrants.

We are looking for volunteers to help us reach out to members of the community and conduct screenings. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life who are willing and able to help. Appropriate training and further guidance will be provided. If you or anyone you know would like to receive more information and participate in this initiative please fill out this google response form. If you have any more questions about the application process, please contact our Director of Recruitment, Sarada Menon, at s.menon@ufl.edu.

More information on who we are:

Quetzales de Salud is a student-led initiative to provide immigrant communities with COVID-19 relevant health information and to connect them to available community resources in these times of need, including primary care. Our commitment is to keep our communities informed and connected, while thinking creatively about filling the existing gaps in access to resources. More at www.quetzaleshealth.org.

Cosecha is a well-established, national, immigrant-led organization with a vast record of community organizing and advocacy for immigrant rights, which became one of the main mutual aid networks for undocumented immigrants seeking help during the outbreak of this pandemic. Our services include providing cash assistance to families, connecting them to food pantries, and informing them of their rights during this crisis. More at www.lahuelga.com

Please consider joining us in our efforts to build a more equitable health care response to the urgent needs of our community!

Warm regards,

Quetzales de Salud Team

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