Official Synthesis Recruitment Application
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Do you COMPETENTLY play an offspec/Alt?
This is from a perspective of progression raiding when a third tank is needed, or a DOT class is superior, etc. While Synthesis doesn't require it's members to have this, it is certainly treated as an asset. If you have any, list all of your versatility here.
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Your application will be deleted without this information. If you are in a guild that hides their logs, you may provide a screenshot of your overview, and we'll discuss it further in discord if you are interviewed.
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Exclude LFR, Normal, and Heroic. Please don't write an essay, or even use complete sentences. Include any/all previous expansions you feel are noteworthy. Format response in: T19 - 20/20M, T20 - 7/9M, T21 - 11/11M
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