Application to Join The 55's
Welcome we are happy that you would like to join us. Please note that all of the information on this form may be publicly available on the site and to all members.
PlayStation Network (PSN) User ID (or user Name). This is used for member s to add you as a friend (Do NOT provide your email address in this field).
What is your "Prestige" Status? *
We are a "non-prestige" clan in the CoD franchise. If you elected to "Soldier Prestige" then, you will need to use a new PSN ID (or reset your account) before your application is accepted.
Are you part of another clan? *
Please note that for your application to be accepted, you must leave your current clan first.
First Name
Optional. But useful if you want to be called by something other than your PSN ID
Last Name
Email *
Publicly available. Please use a new email address if possible (Does NOT have to be the email address used for PSN)
Age *
Must be 17+. This is due to clan policies and the "Mature" rating imposed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for CoD titles.
Region *
PlayStation Region Location. We encourage all regions to join However, this helps in paring you up with members near you and may assist with connection speed and latency issues.
Time Zone (GMT) *
Select the closest time zone to your location. This will help with scheduling matches and events.
Available Days *
Select your most common days for your availability (if it's only on Saturday, select "Weekends"), you can change this later.
Available Times *
Select your most common time for your availability (this is just an approximation), you can change this later.
Do you have a microphone? *
Please note that in-game communications is crucial and voice is the best.
Do you have the following Items? *
The below items are not provided or included, and it's up to each applicant to secure them.
What is your Member Status? *
I agree to follow all of the rules and regulations *
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How did you hear about the clan?
Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests.
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