Are You Interested in Small Group Fitness Classes?
I realize women are busier than ever these days so it can be a challenge to schedule the best days and times for small group training!
So, I need you to tell me what class/es you will or are interested in joining, and especially the days and times that work for you. Return this survey for a chance to win FREE classes! Share the link on Facebook and tag Beyond Basics, or send to a friend and let me know for more chances to win.

(Only Edie will see your answers.)

Please pass this link on to your friends and family who you think would be interested in classes or getting in better shape. The more women/teenagers that join, the more classes/programs I can offer.
(Maximum class size is 12 people in a private, women only gym setting in La Crete.)

Beyond Basics small group classes are fun and casual, and unlike any classes you have tried in the past. The women that come out are friendly and welcoming, and you will quickly feel at ease. We are all just normal women trying to get, or stay, fit in a busy world.

Let's have fun getting fit together!
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Are you interested in doing live workouts from home via the internet? (The workout would remain on the site for 24 hours.)
Would you be interested in additional 5-15 minute exercise or nutrition activities/challenges to compete between group workouts for a more complete training program? *
Are you willing to invest $9-14/Live Class in your health? No Gym Membership Required. (For comparison, the type of classes I offer range in price from $10-15/Core de Force LIVE class to $20-30 for Small Group Training in place like HL, Edmonton...) *
Make sure you answered all questions that require a response or you will not be able to submit this form. Note anything else that would help me plan the most incredible class or fitness experience for you! Thanks for returning this survey! I really appreciate your input!
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Beyond Basics Fitness & Nutrition, Edie Neudorf
Edie is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor specializing in postnatal fitness and recovery, as well as shoulder rehab, and core strengthening to reduce back pain. Her certifications include nutrition coaching, counselling, weight loss for the obese client, indoor cycling, Strong by Zumba, Core de Force, strength and conditioning, and online training. She is passionate about helping women build confidence in and out of the gym, become strong from the inside out, learn to enjoy being active, and become the healthiest version of themselves so they can live the life they love!

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