oikos Curriculum Academy 2020
oikos Academy will take a place from Friday, April 3rd to Sunday, April 5th. We will fully cover and organise food, public transportation in Lausanne and accommodation.

The oikos Curriculum Academy is a 3-day workshop for students, junior lecturers, faculty and other stakeholders, developed and facilitated by oikos student members. Its main purpose is to reflect and learn about innovative economics and management programs and teaching approaches which are designed to address current global environmental and social challenges. It is a participants driven agenda, meaning that YOU will shape what you will learn.

Each (onsite) participant will have the chance to present or discuss a project or topic that they are interested in. You can do that as an individual or in a group, with a presentation, workshop, discussion or whatever format you like.
One participant might present their research on a topic, while another teams up with a group of people interested in the same topic to design a workshop.
We are open to whatever interests you in the field of Curriculum Change.
Just describe in the application what you would like to contribute to this event.

In order to increase the outreach of the event, we are going to run it both, locally at the University of Lausanne with around 20 participants and virtually (open to anyone from oikos international community as well as to other international participants).

You can find more information on our website: https://oikos-international.org/programs/curriculum-change-initiative/oikos-academy-2020/
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