Unity San Francisco Membership Renewal (2021)
You are a valued member of the Unity San Francisco Community, and we appreciate all of the contributions you have made in 2020. Thank you for your precious presence and gifts of time, talent, and treasure!

As a reminder, membership at Unity San Francisco is free and two-pronged. It implies both a right and a commitment on your part.

It gives you a right to:
-Partial ownership of Unity San Francisco
-Voting rights at all Membership Meetings
-Eligibility to become a Prayer Chaplain
-Eligibility to become a Board Member

The commitment on your part includes:
-Consistent Sunday attendance
-History of volunteer and financial support
-Attendance at Unity functions and/or classes

Unity San Francisco's bylaws stipulate that membership be renewed annually. Therefore, if you would like to renew, please indicate your intention in the prompt below. If you have any changes in your contact information, please include the updates below.

Our annual Membership Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 21st, 2021 at 12:30 PM. In it, we will confirm our Board of Trustee members, and we will present our 2020 finances, 2021 budget, and other important matters. We will also answer your questions about Unity San Francisco. As a member, you will be eligible to vote on the items presented to the congregation.

Thank you again for applying for membership in 2021!
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