HUNT - Dynamo Wheelset Survey
We're testing several dynamo wheel designs and specs, pre-orders will most likely launch early summer. If you're seriously looking to buy a Dynamo wheelset we'd like you're help to make sure we design the right wheels for you. Please let us know your preferences in the form below. Thanks, The Hunt Bike Wheels Team.
Before coming across this survey had you seriously considered buying a dynamo hub/wheel? *
What size of wheel would you need? *
Which width of tyre would you use on this wheel most often? *
What type of braking would you want the wheel to be designed for? *
If you said disc braking above; What type of disc rotor mount would you like?
Which front axle would you need? *
How many spokes would you like the front Dynamo wheel to have? *
What type of riding will you use the Dynamo wheel for? Please tick all that apply. *
Anything we've forgotten to ask?/Any extra info?
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