Accidental Joy: A New Musical 3.0 Audience Survey
This iteration of Accidental Joy: A New Musical is the fifth (5th) of many on our road to success, and we are so very fortunate you were here to see it first hand. Your generous feedback will give us better perspective on how you as an audience member received this work and will allow us to make much needed improvements to the show. Below are fourteen (14) questions that we would love for you to answer. Fate has brought you to this moment. Make it count!
How would you rate this musical overall? Please select one?
Thinking about the other live theatrical performances you’ve seen, how does Accidental Joy compare? Please select one.
Why did you give it this rating? Please provide as much detail as possible.
Your answer
What, if anything, did you like most? Please provide as much detail as possible.
Your answer
If you could improve any part of the production, what would you choose and why?
Your answer
Were you confused by anything in the performance? If so, what element(s) were confusing?
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Which of the following most accurately describes the primary theme of the show?
Which character was your favorite?
Why is this character you favorite?
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Which, if any, character's goal was confusing?
Thinking specifically about Joy, how do you feel about her journey (i.e. character development)? Why?
Your answer
Were you rooting for Joy? Did you empathize with her? Why or why not?
Your answer
Which, if any, relationship was confusing?
Thinking about how it fits into your life, how do you feel about live theater?
In the past twelve months, how often, if at all, did you attend live theater?
What's your age group?
What gender do you identify with most?
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