Employee Feedback quiz

Are you a boss in charge of staff? This quiz will tell you if your employee feedback is working or not.

It's a simple quiz but there is a surprising insight at the end.

    1. When you speak to a staff member about below standard performance do you often use a question such as "Why did you do that?"
    2. Do you often (more than once a month) feel that the work from your employees should be better quality?
    3. Do your staff pushback when you give them feedback, including giving excuses for their performance?
    4. Do your direct reports often miss deadlines?
    5. Do you avoid/ delay/ dread giving staff feedback because of the effort (including the potential for conflict/ disagreement)?
    6. Do you often (more than once a month) feel that your employees aren't doing enough? (ie. you want them to increase the volume or speed of their output)
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