Questionnaire - 'Ceilings, Gaps and Walls. Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Gender Equality in the 21st Century'
On 8 March 2021 (3.00-4.30pm CET) let's celebrate together the International Women's Day with a conference reflecting on the most common issues surrounding Gender Equality today. But before that, we would like to hear your views! With this public survey we hope to gather opinions from various countries on recent developments in terms of Gender Equality. We will collect and analyse the data from the survey and share the results with all the participants during the event. The conference will take place in an exclusively digital format, and will be open to the public via webstreaming on our social media channels. Don't miss out and thank you in advance for your great participation!

For details of the event, stay tuned on social media: Twitter (@EUDELCoE), Facebook (@EUatCoE, Amicale Femmes du Conseil de l'Europe), Instagram (@EUatCoE) and website (;
Ceilings, Gaps and Walls. Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Gender Equality in the 21st Century
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In your opinion, how has the situation of women evolved in your country for the past 20 years?
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Why has that happened in your opinion?
Do you think that quota systems are a good way to ensure that women and men have equal access to decision-making positions in both the private and public sectors?
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Can you explain why?
Would you like to share with us the name of an artwork that had an impact on your perception and understanding of gender equality and the empowerment of women (book, film, painting, music etc.)?
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