2020 Six Figures Under Survey!
Hi friends!

THANK YOU for being willing to answer a few questions for me. I can't wait to get your input!

I always LOVE to get to know you individually through comments, emails, and social media interactions. Learning a little about each of you will help me to create more tailored, awesome content that is relevant to you!

You're the best!

Your SixFiguresUnder Experience
How did you find Six Figures Under?
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Do you READ or WATCH?
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How long have you been following Six Figures Under?
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Do you subscribe to Six Figures Under emails?? (If you want to sign up, you can put your email in "other" and I'll be sure you're in the loop!)
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How do you find out about and/or read my new posts/videos?
What Six Figures Under topic is your MOST FAVORITE?
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How do you enjoy each of these main topics?
Like it
Not for me
Real Numbers Monthly Budget Updates
Budgeting and Finances
Frugality and Saving Money
Frugal Kitchen (Grocery Hauls/ Food Storage/ Tips)
Debt Encouragement
Making Money
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If I were to produce premium content on your favorite topic, what format would you be most likely to purchase?
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What topic (general or specific) would you love for me to cover?
How would you rate these statements?
5-- YES!
3-- Meh
1-- Nope!
I'm happy with my current grocery budget.
I'm interested in building up food storage.
I want help lowering my grocery budget.
I need help setting up a budget.
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What's one thing I could do/change to make Six Figures Under content more HELPFUL for YOU?
General Demographics
How old are you?
Female or Male?
Married or Single?
Kids at home?
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Since SixFiguresUnder is all about personal finance, these questions shouldn't surprise you!
Do you have DEBT?
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If you have debt, what kind is it?
What is your BIGGEST STRUGGLE with your finances right now?
What is your current financial GOAL?
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Got more?
Anything else you want to add? Ideas, suggestions, complaints... I'm all ears!
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