SoulPlay 2019: Presenter Application
June 6-9, 2019
Lair of the Golden Bear, Pinecrest, CA

Hello and welcome!

We are honored that you are interested in sharing your work with the ever growing SoulPlay community. We love hearing about all the creative ways you are helping people to become more embodied and in love with life! Thank you for your commitment to this work.

We too are committed to our work and put a lot of thought in curating unforgettable transformational programs filled with mind, body and soul expanding workshops, music, lots of dancing, connection and ceremony. We are always looking for new, established and emerging presenters that are aligned with our values and ready to show up in a good way.

We consider engaging presenters who have a successful track record of leading experiential and educational courses on a regular basis, with a strong educational background and evidence of leadership in their field. A demonstrated ability to market across multiple channels, including email, print, digital advertising, and social media is also a definite plus.

We essentially look for content that relates to our desired programming themes:
- Movement
- Yoga & Energy Practices
- Intimacy & Communication
- Sensuality
- Mindfulness/Meditation
- Touch/Massage
- Self Love/Personal Growth
- Communion with Nature

Please understand, our program is organic with ever evolving needs that might change as each new workshop is added. We sometimes don't know if a workshop will be a good fit until we start seeing the bigger picture. We will do our best to communicate our decisions on your application in a timely manner but at times we may take applications into consideration up to a month before the actual event. We do reach out to presenters we have particular interest in that we have not worked with before to give us a chance to get aligned and get to know each other. And, we will offer all presenters that apply the chance to purchase a ticket at the cost the ticket was when you applied as an incentive to join us as a participant.

So what's in it for you as a presenter?
- Free admission for 1 epic experience (includes accommodation)
- Discounted admission for a +1
- Inclusion in a reputable well connected event with a team of top class facilitators
- Exposure on-site to a grateful and open hearted audience
- Exposure through promotion on our website and social media channels
- Referral bonuses
- 2 workshops approximately 90 minutes in length.

We wish we could accommodate every single one of the offers, however in reality, we will have to make hard choices to support a balanced experience for all. We hope you understand and choose to join the SoulPlay community regardless of whether you are presenting, and know we will offer you a ticket at the price they were when you completed this application to help make that happen.

Much love,
The SoulPlay Team

For more information:

We are sorry if this application process seems long and overwhelming. But we expect a lot from our presenters and put a lot of thought in our programming.

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