Leadership Killeen Application 2019-2020
Thank you so much for your interest in Leadership Killeen. This is a valuable program that will expose you to network and build relationships with other business leaders, learn from the best and brightest local leaders, grow your knowledge of government, education, military, economic development and other areas and learn about volunteerism and giving back to the community.

Here is information you need to know about the program before you apply:

- The applicant should have a strong commitment to serve the Greater Killeen area beyond the Leadership Killeen training period.
- The applicant must demonstrate leadership skills, strong interpersonal skills and a tendency to be proactive on issues of concern to the community.
- The applicant must have the ability to make a substantial contribution to the issues and projects of the program and to network with peers.
- A financial and time commitment must be made by the applicant’s employer or sponsoring organization for applicant to participate in Leadership Killeen.
- Opportunity to sit on Leadership Killeen Committee and other GKCC committees is available to interested Leadership Killeen graduates.

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