Volunteer Staff and Volunteer-to-Career Application for Team Members
The Administration of Camp Oak Hallows (TX LLC, 501c3) is seeking young volunteers motivated to improve the world through education and action. We invite you to earn experience and hours today, for the promise of paid employment OR a letter of recommendation later. Visit CampOakHallows.com for more information about the organization. THIS IS BEST FOR STUDENTS NEEDING HOURS FOR OTHER ORGANIZATIONS/REQUIREMENTS.

This application can also be used by professionals interested in sharing their knowledge and skills without the desire to be employed by COH.

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Camp Oak Hallows believes that education can be the key to reducing and eliminating oppressive forces and intersectional issues affecting humanity.
Our stated mission is to provide FOOD, HOUSING, and HEALTHCARE to those in need, especially the future occupants - both permanent and temporary - of COH's campus. Once these primary needs are met, the availability of an individualized education made possible by volunteers and staff, and a network of partners and sponsors, can improve the quality of life for all who seek one.
The construction and maintenance of a fully accessible and sustainable campus goes beyond being stair- and elevator-free, to providing multi-format resources, and offering programs outside the scope of other educational settings. Upholding traditional post-secondary expectations of universities being superior to trades or other life pursuits is damaging, and restricts the growth of people and their identities.
Camp Oak Hallows will not develop mutual relationships with individuals or entities that work in contrast to these beliefs (but we'll gladly accept resources from such entities, because at least then those resources won't be used for other means.) Camp Oak Hallows is not political, though many might consider the things we do to be political in nature, due to their own political beliefs. COH does not see the work of uplifting people from places of oppression or disadvantage as being a political pursuit, and we have nothing to gain politically in doing so.
COH acknowledges the realities of the climate crisis, and white supremacist systemic inequality in the US and around the globe. This means understanding that while we, as humans, are all in the same STORM, we are not all in the same BOAT. Helping to dismantle these systems through humanitarian efforts is our way of contributing to the stronger future of our nation and planet. We hope our volunteers, staff, students, and members take what they learn from their time with us and apply their knowledge and skills to benefiting the world.
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