Pro Public Education Candidate Pledge
If elected, I pledge to:
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Restore critical funding for education with sustainable revenue so that Kentucky public schools can attract and retain the best teachers and provide children of the Commonwealth with the quality education that they deserve.
Sponsor and/or support legislation to rescind the current charter school law.
Vote in opposition to any bills that would take money away from our already overburdened public schools, including scholarship tax credits and charter school funding.
Support and/or sponsor "opt-out" legislation and other means to reduce the harmful and abusive practices of excessive testing in our public schools.
Refuse to confirm the most recent KBE appointments, due to their lack of experience in education, especially public education. Public schools will still continue serve more than 90% of the students in Kentucky, even if charter schools manage to receive state funding. These individuals lack the qualifications to serve in such a critical decision-making role.
Support and/or sponsor legislation to repeal the gang violence bill and other bills that negatively and disproportionately impact our most vulnerable "gap" students.
Support and/or sponsor legislation to prevent hostile takeovers of local districts by requiring state assistance for two years before moving to state management.
For Mayoral Candidates: Refuse the current charter school law's invitation to become an authorizer. Our local, elected school board should have final say over all decisions that pertain to the district's budget and its schools.
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