AVS Virtual Sports Day 2020
As we are not able to hold our prestigious AVS Sports Day.. we are going to compete virtually. All scores from your house will be added together and will be recorded for our final house competition of the year. All you need to do is complete the 6 challenges.. recording scores for each one. Add them altogether at the end and enter your number at the bottom of the form. Please be honest, we know an average score for each challenge.

Why not make it a family event - Their scores will go towards your house at school.

If you are joining us in September, why not join in your first ever house competition.

Take a look at our current Sports Day records here; https://avonvalleyschool.uk/learning/physical-education/sports-day

Last years winners - Apollo.  
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What is your full name? *
What year are you in? *
What house are you in? *
Challenge 1 - Either walking/ running/ cycling.. How many kilometres (KM) can you complete? Maximum time is 1 hour. (Download free app on smartphone like Strava or research the distance of a route before setting off - Please check with guardians first) *
Challenge 2 - In 1 minute, how many times can you pass the ball against the wall or 'keepy ups' with a football? *
Challenge 3- How long can you balance for on one foot, whilst on tip toes? Please record time in seconds. *
Challenge 4 - How many Sit ups/ Press ups can you complete in 1 minute? *
Question 5 - Mark out a square with items from your household, how many times can you hit the target with 5 shots from 5 metres away? *
Challenge 6 - Relay - Standing roughly 2m apart, using any object (Ball/ household item) throw the item to the person clockwise. Count how many times you pass in altogether as a pair or group in 30 seconds? *
Adding all the scores from the challenges together, what is your number? *
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