2017 Academy Tryout Sign-ups
We are aiming to put together an Open team out of the region / system for this year. This team will be working towards building team unity and individual fundamentals. We will be looking to attend at least one tournament a month, with the aim of developing fundamentals and team skills. We understand that the program has undergone a substantial amount of change over the past couple of years, and we want to provide everyone with the opportunity to develop into high level ultimate players. In order to achieve this, we will be capping the number of roster spots on Maverick to 24 players to ensure all players receive ample game time to practice skills. We will still be providing other development opportunities to those not selected for the team. Goose will also be running once again this year with the hopes of keeping 24-28 players as well. Teams will practice on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-dark. There will also be a fitness night in city groupings (i.e. Hamilton players will do fitness as a group in Hamilton).

Tryout Information **Fields being confirmed will e-mail out within the next couple of weeks**

Tryout 1 - April 19 7-9pm Woodside park
Tryout 2 - April 26 6:30-8:30 Westheights Public School
Tryout 3 - April 29 2-5 Westheights Public School (Field condition permitting--> if it is too wet, an alternate location will be emailed to players who have signed up for tryouts and posted on social media)
Tryout 4 - May 6/7 TUF (Invitation only)

For our first tryout we require you to be there approximately 30 minutes early. This is so you can:
Sign a WODS insurance waiver
Pay for Tryouts - Cost of $20 to cover the booking of fields
Introduce yourself to the Captains, if you don’t know us
Start your warm up.

Potential Tournaments for the summer: **Not all tournament dates are posted, We will inform as soon as we know**
TUF (Toronto) (Mandatory) (MAVERICK/GOOSE) May 6-7
Mayday (KW) (GOOSE) May 27/28
No Surf (Cleveland) (MAVERICK) June 3/4
Jazz (Montreal) (MAVERICK/GOOSE) (Mandatory)- June 10/11
Regionals-KW (Mandatory) (MAVERICK/GOOSE)- July 8/9
No Borders (Mandatory) Ottawa (MAVERICK/GOOSE) July 22-23
Nationals- Ottawa (Mandatory) (MAVERICK/GOOSE)-Aug 17-20

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at jhallet@maverickultimate.com or alefler@maverickultimate.com
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